By | February 26, 2023
Is legit Or Scam?

What is is one of the most popular websites in Kenya. It is a site where you can earn money by performing various task. Users get handsome rewards after finishing the given tasks. All you need is an account and a phone connected with internet access.

Details about the company

  1. CEO of the platform is not mentioned anywhere.
  2. Another missing information is on its physical office address one can make in personal query.
  3. It has also not given out its registration details to confirm its legality in operation.
  4. Currently the platform is operational in Kenya and Uganda.
  5. It has also not indicated to have partnered with any company.

How to make money on

To make money on, you will need to sign up for an account. It can be created by visiting the its website at or use of a referral link. After the account is created, a new member is given Ksh700 as welcoming reward. To have access of other money-making opportunities you have to buy a package.



  • It cost KES 2000 to purchase the pacakge
  • There are Limited YouTube Videos and earning.
  • Whatsapp Earnings are also available in the package.
  • Limited PTC Ads earnings.
  • No Gift cards, games and bonus


The package is KES 3000.  It has more features as compared to silver. It has forex trading opportunities. WhatsApp Earnings are also present. Limited PTC Ads just like silver package. There are gift cards and monthly bonus given in this package.

Other ways of making money in the package are Crypto Trades and YouTube Earnings


It is the most expensive package costing KES 4800 but with the best features.  Unlimited Games are given to users in the package. Forex Trading is available where members are given trading signals. Trading Bot which assists in trading and analysis of various markets.

Premium Bots are also available to maximize on profit made on trades. Unlimited YouTube Videos which translate to unlimited earnings.  WhatsApp Earnings are also available on the package. Daily Bonus is offered to purchased members. Other unlimited features include gift cards and PTC ads.

Ways to make money on


WhatsApp views

Download the products and post to your whatsapp status, include your link on the status. Upload only one screenshot of the advertised product. Note that uploading a screenshot of old ads will automatically be rejected. Ensure you withdraw your earnings daily or weekly, any earnings which aren’t withdrawn will be cleared on every Sunday night at the end of each week.

Watching YouTube videos offers an exciting new opportunity to make money while enjoying videos on YouTube. The website is dedicated to helping users monetize their viewing experience, allowing them to generate revenue from ads embedded within videos they watch. Whether you’re watching a movie trailer or the latest vlog, makes it easy for viewers to get rewarded for their time spent online.


Players can join in tournaments and compete against other gamers for prizes ranging from gift cards to cash payouts. There are also daily missions that allow players to work their way up the leaderboard and receive rewards based on their performance. also has a loyalty program where users can gain access to exclusive content, bonus items, and discounts on game purchases after accumulating enough points from playing the available titles.



PTC Ads are relatively easy to find and use on; all you have to do is log in and select the ad that interests you from the list provided. As soon as you click on an ad, you will be credited with a certain amount of money that can be used towards various services offered by, such as purchasing products or services or even redeeming vouchers for other websites or applications.

Forex Trading

Not only does offer advanced trading features – it also provides education materials so novice traders can learn how to trade effectively with minimal risk. The platform offers courses on topics such as risk management strategies and technical analysis tools which are crucial for successful Forex trading. Furthermore, customers benefit from tight spreads and low commissions on trades, making their investment more cost effective.

Payment Proof

Throughout the research I did not come across any payment record. Maybe the platform is still new and has not yet paid its members.


Is legit Or Scam? is a scam. This can be drawn from various red flags. High welcoming bonus. It is compulsory to buy a package to be eligible to access other money-making opportunities and also initiate cash out.


Do not waste your time joining You will end up losing your hard-earned cash. The platform we one point come do disappear in thin air. If you happened to have already join, cross your figures to make withdrawal before it sinks.

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