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Is a Scam Site or Legit?

Is a Scam Site or Legit? Let’s find out. Use this overview to understand how malicious websites work. is an online community with over 10 million affiliates worldwide dedicated to making their voices heard by completing surveys. We open the window of communication between you and the brands you love.

What is is a platform or website that allows people to make money by doing simple jobs or tasks. According to their website, “Confidently Work From Home. Get paid to invite friends, test out free apps and games, and more! Earn $50.00 for every user you refer!

How Viralcash Work?

First, get registered on the website. Start doing various activities like taking surveys, playing games, and mainly referring the website to others. Big brands want an activity for their surveys, apps, and games. People will find members willing to get paid for completing active tasks. Members will get paid in cash.

Specification: Viralcash Reviews

  • Site name: Viralcash
  • Email:
  • Contact address: N/A
  • Contact number: N/A
  • Social media links: N/A

FAQ: Review Real or Fake?

To be a real website, that website must have unique and original content. The content present on the website is copied from other websites. It is not good to trust a website blindly that uses some other fake website content. It is not a real website. We have found its sister site as well i.e.,

Is legit?

After researching it, we are not able to find who owns this site. The website itself not shared anything about its owner or CEO. Even people behind this site have guarded their info in WHOIS records. This shows that it is not a legit website. App Downloadable?

This site doesn’t have any apps. It is simply operating via a website. They offer their members the to test apps on their site and earn money.

Is Scam?

It is definitely a scam site. The content present on the website is copied. The theme is duplicated and all the testimonials are fake. It is not a real website and contains many red flags that are explained below, read them and make a wise decision to use this website or not.

Red Flags: Reviews

  • Duplicate Content:
  • Hiding Information:
  • Easy task or Job:
  • Referral Work: A Ponzi Scheme is using this referral method to scam as many people as they can. Referral method work when a site has some service or products to sell. But on this website, nothing is sold. They just want members to bring new members only. It is a classic method of online job scams.


In last we want to say that keep yourself away from bad websites like It is not a legit online site to earn online income. Never ever share your information with unknown websites, they use your data to steal your money or misuse it in some other unscrupulous activity.

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