By | March 3, 2023
Is Scam or Legit?

Muskluck Review | Is Scam or Legit Review. Nowadays various websites or people offer free giveaways on the internet. It is the new marketing strategy offered by companies. We have found a website called Muskluck. It is offering a 15000 BTC giveaway.

The aim of Muskluck Review is to answer all these questions and also make people aware of all the red flags that are found commonly on fake websites. The questions that people generally asked are, is Legit or a Scam? or is Real or Fake? Let’s find out

What is

Muskluck is a Cryptocurrency giveaway website that can be used by a person only one time. According to the website itself, they believe that blockchain and bitcoin will make the world move fair. To speed up the process of cryptocurrency mass adoption, they decided to run a 15K BTC giveaway.

According to them, the main sponsor of this event is Elon Musk but we are damn sure that this site has no connection with Elon Musk or Tesla or SpaceX. It is not a legit website.

Just check its offer, it is very lucrative they are almost doubling the bitcoins or Ethereum that people will submit to them in the range of 1BTC to 20BTC.

How to Participate in Giveaway Event?

Step 1: the first condition is that people must have a working wallet. For instance, Electrum, Metamask or Trustwallet. They can use an exchange wallet as well ( like Binance).

Step2: Send the allowed Number of Coins to the special address available at the bottom of the website.

Step 3: After Muskluck’s people receive the fund they will immediately send multiplied amounts back according to the rules (it is stated on the website).

Specification: Review

  • Website name: TESLA. Having different site and domain names is the characteristic of a scam website.
  • Email: NA
  • Contact address: NA
  • Contact number: NA
  • Products Category: Giveaway of Cryptocurrency- Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Type of Product Name: Cryptocurrency Giveaway
  • Options for payment: Cryptocurrency Wallets or Exchanges.
  • Social media links: Not available
  • Website Age: 2022-10-07, just one day old at the time of writing this article.

Frequently Asked Questions: Muskluck Reviews

Is Real or Fake?

Muskluck is not a real website. It is fake due to various reasons mentioned below. One point we must understand here is that nobody is so philanthropist that they give away their money. is not real also because it is just a few days old website, created with a specific target to launch a giveaway event and soon it will shut down itself.

Is Legit Site? is not a legit website. Nothing has been shared about any person or owner of the website. This website is using the name SpaceX as its site name but it has no connection or association with Elon Musk or his company i.e. Tesla.

Is Scam?

It is a scam site. What is going to happen on this website is that people who fall into its trap will send their cryptocurrency to a given address but they will not receive their multiplied amount.  website soon going to shut itself down once they reach its target. It is using the HYIP scheme to lure people into its website and then scam them and steal their money as well as information.


It is not a legit website to multiply your cryptocurrency. This site is not recommended by us. We hope that Review helped you to understand the true nature of this website

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